VF-1J "Armored Veritech"
Technical specifications

8.3 meters (Battloid)


12.7 meters (Battloid)

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

Mach 1.6


2 x Shimada Propulsion fusion turbines

Sensor systems

Howard AWG-23 X-band pulse-Doppler radar

  • 2 x Mauser RöV-23 laser cannon
  • 1 x Howard GU-11 55mm three barreled smoothbore rotary gun pod

1 pilot


1 week




The VF-1J "Armored Veritech" was an experimental armor type that was outfitted to a veritech fighter. It was developed for the Robotech Defense Force during the First Robotech War, and was seen in Robotech: The Macross Saga.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

An additional option for the standard Valkyrie was the use of an external armor/missile system. These craft, known as Armored Valkyries, carried twice the armor and seventy additional short range missiles, but mobility was decreased immensely, and transformations were not possible until the armor was jettisoned. This concept was developed to further increase the versatility of the VF-1, turning it in minutes into a Destroid. However, since the 'raison d'tre' of the Veritech was mobility, and due to the Destroids' own successes, this configuration was not used very often.


The first attempt at increasing the power of the standard VF-1 was a dismal failure. While giving the Armored Veritech massive amounts of armour and firepower, it reduced its agility to almost negligible stats. In addition, if the mecha wanted to transform out of Battloid mode, the armour had to be jettisoned. The experiment, while not fully abandoned, was later perfected with the development of the "Super" upgrade. The armored concept would later resurface for a number of Veritechs and battloids during the Reconstruction Era and beyond.

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