VF-3 Crusader
Production information



Robotech Research Group


VF-3 Crusader Heavy Veritech Fighter

Technical specifications
  • 15.8 meters (Fighter mode)
  • 12.0 meters (Guardian mode)
  • 5.0 meters (Battloid mode)
  • 15.8 meters (Fighter mode)
  • 15.8 meters (Guardian mode)
  • 8.3 meters (Battloid mode)
  • 4.8 meter (Fighter mode)
  • 9.7 meters (Guardian mode)
  • 13.7 meters (Battloid mode)
Maximum speed (atmosphere)

Mach 2.3 (Fighter mode)


2 x RRL-1 Miniaturized SMLH reactor

Sensor systems

Hughes AWG-20 X-band pulse-Doppler radar

  • 3 or 4 x Mauser RöV-22 laser cannon
  • 1 x Hughes GU-11 55mm three barreled smoothbore rotary gun pod

1 pilot




1 week






Robotech Defense Force

The VF-3 Crusader was a limited production Veritech fighter primarily used by the Robotech Defense Force. Several models and upgrades were developed following the Reconstruction Era.


The VF-3 Crusader was a variable fighter designed by the Robotech Research Group as a remodeled VF-1 Valkyrie. The Crusader was intended to be licensed to various independent nations within the United Earth Government. The VF-3 was a much larger variable fighter than the original VF-1 Valkyrie and the Crusader featured a stretched, elongated body that unfortunately tended to make the joints slip slightly while in Battloid or Guardian configuration. Because of this design flaw, few Crusader units were ever produced. These design flaws would later be rectified with the VF-5 Valkyrie II.


Regular TypeEdit

The standard variant of this craft was the VF-3A, which sported a three lasers on the head. Limited numbers were also produced for a 'custom' Valkyrie, the VF-3S. With a the now-standard head-unit with four lasers, that was issued only to commanders air group (CAGs).


The armor of the standard Crusader is composed of an advanced titanium-steel alloy. The armor stops all small arms fire, provides good protection against heavier infantry weapons, such as a 12.7mm machinegun round, and fair resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22.3mm HE autocannon round.

The additional armor on the Armored Crusader is composed of a standard Chobam laminar developed in the late 20th century and improved with the materials science advances made during the Robotech era. This armor was mainly designed to defeat projectiles and other kinetic weapons. The armor stops all small arms, heavy infantry weapons fire, and light mecha-mounted weaponry, and provides fair to good resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Crusader's 55mm APFSDS round.

The Crusader provided full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using an overpressure cockpit environment activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The internal consumables supplies can provide atmosphere for two days maximum.


The Valkyrie saw service with the Robotech Defense Force during the First Robotech War and the Malcontent Uprisings. It was mothballed shortly after the development of the VF-3 Lightning.


  • The VF-3 Crusader was adapted from the VF-3000 Crusader, and was originally a non-Macross mechanical design developed by Shoji Kawamori for the Advanced Valkyrie model project for Bandai. When Bandai decided against producing this model series, Shoji Kawamori revised the designs for inclusion in the Macross universe.

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