VERITech was an acryonym for Variably Engineered Reflexive Induction TECHnology, sometimes referred to as Varitech which stood for Variable Technology. It was a classification for mecha and other machines that indicated they had the ability to transform into various configurations, also known as modes. Most Veritechs had two or three modes, one configuration was usually a Transport or Vehicle mode of some class, a second was sometimes an intermediate configuration known as Guardian or Gladiator mode, and the third (in some cases the second) was often a humanoid form called Battloid mode.


Both Veritechs and non-transformable Battloids used Protoculture as part of power generation, they converted it into electricity, locomotion, weapon plasma, and reaction mass. The mysterious substance was also integrated into circuits used by both; however, Veritechs further utilize it in the mecha's transformation systems and when operating in Guardian or Battloid modes, Protoculture flows through the mobility systems and is imprinted on interface circuitry and sensors. This allows the Veritech to react intuitatively with accelerated reaction time as almost an extention of its pilot or operator.

Veritechs included several different types of combat vehicles, such as aerospace fighters, hovertanks, gyro choppers and even motorcycles.

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