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Yellow Dancer was a popular subversive music artist and Lance "Lancer" Belmont's alternate persona during the Third Robotech War in Robotech: The New Generation. Lancer's speaking voice was by Cam Clarke while Yellow Dancer's singing was performed by Michael Bradley. Yellow was also a notable pin-up model, and Rand was a big fan.

Notable Music HitsEdit

  • Look Up! The Sky is Falling
  • It Don't Get Any Better
  • Lonely Soldier Boy
  • The Way to Love
  • We Will Win (Lynn Minmei cover)


  • Yellow Dancer was originally described as a "maculine Lancer" while Lancer himself was described as a "Top Gun" jet pilot.
  • In the spring of 1985, Michael Bradley and his songwriting partner Steve Wittmack and were hired to write a song called Flower of Life. This was the beginning of many songs that they would be called upon to write for the Robotech series.
  • The 'Yellow Dancer' character first appears in Robotech's Episode 63: Lonely Soldier Boy.
  • The character designs were by Yoshitaka Amano.

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