Physical characteristics
Average height

12 meters

Skin color

Pallid-skin, purple, blue-ish


Massive size

Sociocultural characteristics


The Zentraedi, were a race of proto-genetically engineered warriors by the Robotech Masters. They had a sizable war fleet and were often referred to as the Zentraedi Legion. These enormous soldiers were developed by the Robotech Masters to work as their primary military force. Besides their size, the Zentraedi were genetically engineered to withstand the vacuum of space and relatively severe injuries. Cloning technology also made the Zentraedi warriors expendable, and also served to keep them from the distractions of propagation. In the interest of turning the Zentraedi into the perfect soldiers, societal control was taken to an extreme, forbidding personal interaction between males and females.

During the First Robotech War, the Zentraedi were reintroduced to many of the cultural elements they were denied. After the defeat of Dolza's Fortress and the Zentraedi Grand Fleet, most of the Zentraedi who were allied with the humans underwent micronization and were integrated into human society. Those that resisted often served as terrorists, pirates, space pirates and rabble rousers.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

The Zentraedi were a 40 foot giants, consumed with conquest and violence. Merciless warriors, they were relentless in combat and would rather die than acknowledge defeat. They were conceived to be cold, cruel, and ruthless instruments of destruction. They were feared due to their superior strength and numbers. In combat, they were loathed for their cruelty, brutality and maniacal fervor to conquer. However, after the discovery of their origins by humanity, their plight brought some sympathy since they were created to be mere puppets, twisted and made ugly by its puppeteer. They were victims of a race's mad design; artificially created, cloned, grown and indoctrinated into a short, bleak life of constant war and death.


The Zentraedi's strategy and tactics were simple and effective; overpower the enemy by sheer weight of numbers and raw explosive power. This basic line of practice, supported by the high-tech weapons of Robotechnology and, quite literally, millions of troops and war machines provided by the Robotech Masters, proved to be a successful, winning tactic for the Zentraedi. Of course, the cost in lives and equipment was often great, but it was a cost the Robotech Masters, at least prior Zor's betrayal, could afford. All Zentraedi were warriors, specifically created, genetically designed and indoctrinated for war. They neither give nor ask for mercy. They fight and keep fighting until the battle was won or all were slain. They had no concept of remorse, nor hesitation, for they expecte to die in combat. It is only through prolonged exposure to the human's lifestyle that Breetai's warriors begin to question their own stinted view of life.


The Zentraedi genetic structure was especially encoded for intentional reduction to human size (micronian). The process, which required a Protoculture Chamber, necessitated a full hour in a bath of chemicals, radiation and protoculture mixture. This transformation completely changed the massive beings into human equivalents, with proportional strength and endurance.

The micronization process could be reversed, but only through the use of a Protoculture Chamber. Although the enlargements and reductions were not painful, it is physically taxing, leaving its subject temporarily weak and nauseous. However, frequent transformations within a short period of time will place such a strain on the metabolism that it can prove lethal.

Note that the Zentraedi biological structure was basically human; they were not yo-yoes, which can be bounced up and down at a whim. Micronization and/or restoration to giant size are not dangerous at all if properly spaced. All RDF Micronization facilities have an excellent medical staff on hand at all times.

There was no time limit as to how long a Zentraedi may remain micronized. The change was permanent unless the person underwent the transformation process to intentionally reverse the micronization. As a matter of fact, the micronian size placed less strain on the body than in its massive giant size, alleviating the stress of gravity, environment and massive consumption of food and water. As giants, they required additional supplements of vitamins, nutrients, protein and a properly balanced diet. A prerequisite which could be satisfied for those involved with the Robotech Defense Force, the Robotech Factory Satellite, and the space defense program. However, most of the rebels operating in the jungle and wastelands were suffering malnutrition, stress and fatigue effectively reducing their average life span by half that of their human or micronized counterparts.


Early HistoryEdit

To ensure total control over them, the Robotech Masters limited their psychological and cultural development so that their entire population would believe that they existed only to wage war. These imposed limits would result in the cultural stagnation of the Zentraedi as a race. They had no art and lacked the capacity for creative expression. There were no schools of learning beyond what was directly related to warfare, even excluding advanced medical and technical training. This meant they would be dependent on special bases built by the Masters to fulfill these tasks. The sexes were strictly segregated to minimize the chance of sexual reproduction, as it might profoundly alter the worldview of the race. To that end, the population was indoctrinated to view any sexual activity as disgusting and dangerous.

Search for the MatrixEdit

In 2009, Dolza, the Supreme Commander of all Zentraedi Legion forces in the galaxy, was ordered by the Robotech Masters to find and recover the lost spaceship that had crashed on Earth in 1999. To carry out these orders, he placed his second in command, Breetai, in command of a large fleet of ships and tasked him with tracking down and recovering the Zor's Battlefortress, as it contained the last known remaining source of Protoculture in the universe. Breetai tracked the crashed battlefortress to the Terran solar system, where it had crashed on the Terran homeworld, Earth, 10 years earlier. The humans, or "Micronians" as the Zentraedi called them (due to how small they were in comparison to them), had spent the last decade rebuilding the battlefortress. The humans were unwilling to surrender the Space Fortress (despite initially knowing nothing of Protoculture) and a two-year battle begins between the humans and the Zentraedi (known as the First Robotech War) over the SDF-1.

Initially, it seemed that the Zentraedi's superior numbers all but ensure an easy victory over the Micronians. However, the pilots of the SDF-1, who utilized veritech fighters (derived from technology taken from Zor's ship), proved to be far more skilled than anticipated. Despite being outnumbered and under the constant threat of annihilation, the humans' managed to force the two sides into a stalemate. However, an unexpected element comes into play that changes the entire course of the war - Human culture and emotions. With no previous exposure, the introduction of human culture and emotions began to affect many Zentraedi as the conflict draggd on, causing them to rethink their austere lives as soldiers. Over time, many Zentraedi defected to the SDF-1. The first were Bron, Konda and Rico, who after infiltrating the SDF-1, decided to defect after becoming enamored with human culture. A short time later, more and more Zentraedi defect.


In the first quarter of 2011, Lieutenant Miriya Parina, regarded as the finest Zentraedi fighter pilot and warrior in the fleet, defected as a result of having fallen in love with Human ace pilot. The sight of their marriage – the great Lt. Miriya Perina willingly becoming the mate of a Human – only further affected the Zentraedi. As this was going on, Supreme Commander Dolza was increasingly disturbed by the rumors of growing cultural contamination among the personal of fleet, orders an all-out attack to destroy the SDF-1. Despite his growing doubt in the rational of this war, Breetai was not yet willing to go against Zentraedi High Command. Despite his own conflicting feelings, he gave the order to attack the Space Fortress.

During the resulting battle, Miriya convinced her husband to attack specific points of Zentraedi mecha to disable them rather than kill them out as a gesture of goodwill. Although Max's superior, Lt. Rick Hunter realized what he was doing, Hunter decided to take the same approach as a final gesture for peace in the face of hopeless odds, while other Terran pilots began to join in. This gesture from the Humans would proved more productive than any could have hoped, as a significant portion of Breetai's fleet outright refusing to fight. In order to avoid a full-on mutiny, something that could potentially destroy the entire fleet, Breetai countermands the attack order and declares a ceasefire. Realizing that a truce with the humans is the only way to stop his fleet from tearing itself apart, Breetai establishes a diplomatic dialogue with the humans.


Dolza, realizing the threat that human emotions pose to his command and the entire Zentraedi Grand Fleet, took decisive and brutal measures to end the threat once and for all. Dolza ordered the nearly 4.8 million capital ships in the Zentraedi Grand Fleet, along with his planetoid Command Base, to fold into Earth's solar system and destroy the SDF-1, the defecting Zentraedi forces, and the Earth itself. Out of options, the defecting Zentraedi allied themselves with the forces of the SDF-1, knowing that it's their only chance of surviving. After folding into Earth orbit, the Grand Fleet fired on Earth, causing horrific damage - cities, houses, soldiers and children were all vaporized as the 4.8 million ships fire relentlessly. No area of the planet is spared by this Zentraedi Holocaust.

As the Zentraedi fleet prepared to fire again, The Alaska Base, which survived the initial attack, fires the massive Grand Cannon which destroys a large portion of the Zentraedi Grand Fleet. A subsequent joint-assault by the SDF-1 and the allied Zentraedi broke through the Grand Fleet's perimeter, allowing the SDF-1 to penetrate into the core of Dolza's Command Base and launch its Reflex Missiles at the base's power source - a massive reflect furnace. The explosion of the base destroyed the rest of the Zentraedi fleet. This marks the end of the First Robotech War.

The assault by the Zentraedi on Earth was a significant blow to the Zentraedi race. Between the firing of the massive Grand Cannon by the Alaska Base, direct casualties of the enormous engagement between Zentraedi, and the massive explosion resulting from the destruction of Dolza's planetoid, losses were overwhelming. Still, many thousands of warships survive the battle, mostly drawn from Breetai's forces. The surviving humans and Zentraedi must now work together to rebuild Earth from the ashes left, in what would be known as the Reconstruction Era. Many Zentraedi were able to integrate into human society, with many micronizing to human size. Max Sterling and his Zentraedi wife Miriya Parina Sterling gave birth to a daughter, who they name Dana Sterling.

Reconstruction EraEdit

Most of the remaining Zentraedi join their commander and the humans in a subsequent operation against the last remaining Robotech Factory Satellite, an automated production center built by the Robotech Masters to supply their giant warriors with mecha at the height of their expansion. The Satellite was defended by a large force under the command of Reno, but his forces proved just as susceptible to "micronian" culture as did those of Breetai and Dolza's fleets. In the middle of 2013, Reno's command ship was destroyed in battle, and many surrendered and were absorbed to Breetai's fleet.

Although many Zentraedi successfully integrated into human society, many others were unable to overcome their lifelong lust for war and a rebellion began under Khyron and Azonia late in 2013. In 2014, in the Battle of New Macross City, Khyron and Azonia, along with most of his forces, were defeated, although the SDF-1 wass destroyed and the city was left in ruins. The entire area was then sealed off. The attack also killed many Zentraedi who were aboard the SDF-1 at the time.

Uneasy TruceEdit

The Zentraedi under Breetai's command discovered their tragic origins in 2013 (one year before the destruction of the SDF-1 and the death of Khyron) and swore enmity to their former masters. However, the latent hatred held by humans due to the Zentraedi Holocaust proved a strain on relations, and it would take some times before relationships improved. Further Zentraedi rebellions began spreading during the Malcontent Uprisings.


Late in the year 2017 and 2020, the most significant rogue Zentraedi threat ended with the complete and utter destruction of the Zentraedi Protectorate, along with a series of bloody battles in the South America, Western Wastelands and Africa. Most of the loyal Zentraedi had either been micronized or served with the Pioneer Expedition, or transferred to off-world outposts and colonies either within the solar system or out in deep space. Few pockets of resistance remained, often breaking off as local or space pirates. The majority of humanity believed that the Zentraedi threat had been pacified by the time of the Second Robotech War in 2029.

Ultimately, rogue Zentraedi activity continued, albeit to a lesser degree, in the South America and the Eastern Sector. Zentraedi allies and mecha have gone underground, hoping to wait it out for the return of the Robotech Masters. The most common Zentreadi mecha used by rogue forces, such as the Regult Battle Pod, Artillery Battle Pod and Officer's Pod were impounded and moth-balled.

War Begins AnewEdit

As the Second Robotech War, majority of active Zentraedi remained hidden. Few desired to return to their masters, and many who called upon them were often met with silence. As the war escalated, more and more forces of the Army of the Southern Cross began being called back to reinforce North America, and other high-priority installations. This period saw a dramatic increase in rogue Zentraedi activity.

The War ended abruptly following the Battle of Monument City, which saw the destruction of the United Earth Forces' headquarters and key military and civilian infrastructure, along with a significant percentage of the standing forces of the Southern Cross. Rogue Zentraedi took advantage of this and began a small series of skirmishes around the world. Soon, they would be called upon by the Robotech Masters Remnant. A new campaign meant to sow chaos began, as these Masters forcibly macronized Zentraedi via latent programming deep within their subconcious. War spread throughout Earth once more in the final months of 2030, until the Invid Invasion the following year.



  • The Jack McKinney novelizations and Robotech comics (such as Robotech II: The Sentinels: The Malcontent Uprisings) developed a Zentraedi language which was different from the language which was developed for Macross: Do You Remember Love and was not as completely developed as the Macross version. Unlike in Macross, the language for the Robotech Zentraedi was dominated by more harsh, guttural sounds very similar in nature to Star Trek's Klingonese.
  • Various Classic Robotech works depicted the Zentraedi's origins as miners of the Robotech Masters, where they mined monopole ore from a large inhospitable world of Fantoma. Said ore was used as a spaceship construction material, which gave rise to the Masters' empire, and the Zentraedi Grand Fleet.
  • In the original Japanese Macross television series that Robotech (series) was based on, the Zentraedi were actually supposed to play a minor role, and was never intended as the series' primary antagonist.

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