I'll get right to the point. Unfortunately What I feared has come to past. The aliens among us are reverting to their former ways. Putting down a few rebels is one thing, but it's just a symptom. I have no choice but to assign the aliens to other locations.

—Captain Henry Gloval

Zentraedi Control Zones were special areas designed to segregate the more violent segments of the Zentraedi population on Earth, usually under the watchful eye of local Earth defense forces. The most notorious of these was in the South America, which was under the purview of Task Force Southern Cross, following the Zentraedi Holocaust. Khyron's bold attack on New Macross City that resulted in the destruction of both the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) and Super Dimension Fortress-2 Megalord (SDF-2) would be the first major step in instigating the conflict known as the Malcontent Uprisings.

South America

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Within a few years most of the wasteland was reclaimed by the dense jungles. Unfortunately, the dense jungles became a haven for militant Zentraedi. For years the jungles of the Amazon were home to thousands, perhaps even millions, of rogue Zentraedi. What human civilization that remained clustered around the massive military presence set up by the Robotech Defense Force to contain the Zentraedi threat. The Malcontent Uprisings saw the final defeat of the militant Zentraedi forces, though even today the South American jungles are still home to a few of the rogue aliens remaining on Earth.

Pacific Sector

Other pockets of Zentraedi chose to leave the devastated North American territories completely, settling in a number of islands in the Pacific region. They were far more docile compared to their South American counterparts, but violence would still flare up from time to time.


A portion of the Zentraedi population chose to live in Northern Africa, building a life for themselves in the harsh desert wastelands. This area would become known for Zentraedi bandits, putting pressure on the United Earth Government to deploy local militia to stem the growing unrest.

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