Zentraedi warships open fire on Earth.

The Zentraedi Holocaust, otherwise known as the Zentraedi Rain of Death, or Rain of Death, was the cataclysmic event where Zentraedi Grand Fleet of the Zentraedi Legion bombarded 70% of the Earth's surface. It was unclear how much of the Earth's population survived following the attack, though reports state, with reports stating that 95% of the Earth was completely devastated during the attack. The Reconstruction Era followed shortly after.


The Zentraedi Holocaust or Rain of Death, was the result of nearly five million Zentraedi warships open firing on the planet Earth. The reflex bombardment destroyed a majority of the Earth's surface, though several parts of the world were luckily spared. Following the battle in space, several crashed Zentraedi ships literally merged with the ground due to extreme heat from the cataclysmic bombardment.

Repopulating the Earth

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Main Article: Reconstruction Era

The Post-Rain of Death period marked a concerted effort by the interim United Earth Government (UEG) and surviving former states to embark in massive relief efforts to repopulate the species. This initiative took nearly a full decade following the reconstruction era, which oversaw marked and rapid development of human population centers despite the destruction wrought by the Malcontent Uprisings. Human cloning was be out of question, as humanity during this time have not yet mastered such technology, and also due to an anti-cloning policy by UEG.

Meanwhile, other efforts including the clean-up of debris on Earth and space junk took more than a decade.

Earth's Population

It's unclear how many people survived the bombardment, despite several references in the series' dialogue and narration. For Robotech Visions continuity, roughly a hundred million survived, far more than its Japanese counterpart, Macross.

  • Narrator, Episode 28
    • Only a handful of survivors remain scattered throughout the Earth.
  • Narrator, Episode 29
    • Two years have passed since the final battle between the Zentraedi and the Earth resulted in the near total destruction of the planet.
  • Narrator
    • The surface of the Earth has been leveled. Nothing remains standing except charred hulks in the midst of desolate waste. Now, in the terrible wake of galactic holocaust, a few pitiful survivors of the once proud Macross City bravely try to pull themselves back from the edge of extinction.
  • Narrator, Episode 35
    • The Amazon region of South America is the first area to recover from the full-scale Zentraedi attack that devastated 95% of the Earth's surface.
  • Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard, Episode 37
    • And as the descendants of the 70,000 survivors of the Zentraedi holocaust, you are well aware of the conditions here on our planet.


  • The original Macross had up to one million survivors confirmed just in the government installations immediately after the war, and the military were finding more survivors outside those installations even two years later after the Rain of Death.
  • This event could be seen during the Episode 27: Force of Arms, in the series Robotech: The Macross Saga.

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