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First Robotech War

The Zentraedi Legion referred to the Zentraedi, a genetically engineered race of warriors that served the Robotech Masters.


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The Zentraedi Legion worked primarily as a military force under the Robotech Masters. Zentraedi themselves were warriors, genetically engineered and indoctrinated for war, and knew little else besides that. They carried their orders without remorse, nor hesitation. Their tactics were simple and effective; overpower the enemy by sheer numbers and raw power. Cloning technology of the Robotech Masters had made Zentraedi warriors expendable, and also served to keep them from the distractions of propagation. In the interest of turning the Zentraedi into the perfect soldiers, societal control was taken to an extreme, forbidding personal interaction between males and females.

While the cost in lives and equipment are often great during battle, it is a cost the Robotech Masters, at least until recently, could afford. Prior to the outbreak of the First Robotech War, the Zentraedi armada, commanded by Supreme Commander Dolza, composed of more than four million ships, including a massive Fulbtzs Berrentzs-class Home Base. It is only through prolonged exposure to the human's lifestyle that Breetai's warriors begin to question their own stinted view of life.

After the defeat of Dolza's Fortress and the Zentraedi armada, most of the Zentraedi who were allied with the humans underwent micronization and were integrated into human society.

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